TY-Trip to Achill Island

Mittwoch, 01.06.2016

My last trip... my last days... It sounds so unreal, but it is true. I could have been sad, but Iwas actually in a happy mood, cuz I was looking forward to this trip so much.

We started at Wednesday our 4hour-journey. Typical our TY we stopped at McDonalds for a break. NoI'm not kidding. We didn't stop at the journey back there and half of our group was upset about that xD. Well, we arrived at 6pm on Achill Island. Achill Island is located in the West of Ireland and it is mainly an irsish speaking area. I thought we would just go in our houses and eat something. But no..., we went surfing at the Keel Beach. It was so amazing, because the scenery was so beautiful with the mountains and everything. We had many and big waves. I liked the surfing, even though I wasn't really good in it. My biggest success was standing on the board for a second. Apart from that I was always falling, but it still made lots of fun and I would definitely do it again. In the evening the bus brought us to our houses. All girls in one and all boys in one. The houses were owned by native irish speakers. It was a bit like a bungalow. The groundfloor was the women of house's own area and downstairs were grouprooms for three or four people. We got dinner there and then we had a hour to do something together or rather answer all our text messages, snaps and co., because we had to give up our phones at night time.

On Saturday we went cliffjumping. First of all I was a bit doubtful, cuz I'm actually really afraid of jumping into water. I mean I never jumped from the 3m-tower in the swimming pool. We swam to the first cliff. We had life-vests on, so it was pretty easy to swim. The first people jumped off the cliff and they really enjoyed it. So I was like: You probably get the chance only once so just fuc***** do it. So I just climped up the hill and waited until I could go. My Ty-group is really nice. They support and help each other since the start of the year. Like on this day. After I jumped (and sreamed the whole sea together) I got applause We did this for everybody and I think this is really good, that everybody get along with everyone so good. After my jump I felt so good, so that I just wanted to jump again. To get to the other cliffs we had to swim through caves and swirls. We got an introduction what to do if an octupus attacks us, but we've only see crabs. I jumped of all the cliffs, so did the rest. I think the highest was about 4m. and the smallest 2,5m.

After lunch we went kajaking. Some people mght think :Kajaking... omg I did this probably did this 10 times already. Yeah but you didnt do it in the Atlantic Sea with turqouise water and mountains around you while seeing seals and dolphins...

In the evening we did a bit of Irish dancing, where I wasn't really good in it....

On our last day we went to the bog. We literally had to run a parcour through the mud with different stations and activities like standing on a pipe and try to nudge each other in the bog. The last station was really thick mug, where it was really hard to get through. Afterwards we slitted through a tunnel into the lake beside. It was such a relifef. On our way back the fuel of the bus was empty so they had to call another bus, which arrived shortly. Before we could go in, we had to push the other bus to the site of the road #teamwork.

All in all I loved this trip. It was really upsetting to say good bye to all my friends now, but we had such a great time


Interviews and Graduation

Montag, 30.05.2016

Last Monday we had mock-interviews. That means, that we were interviewed by different people with different jobs.We were required to do at least one interview, but I did three. At my first one I applied for a journalist. He said he would take me tommorow, if this was a real interview. I did two others: Solicitor and Hotel manager. The next day my teacher told me, that the solicitor and the journalist remembered me the most. I was really proud of myself, cuz English isn't my first languange.This was the reason why I've been a bit nervous before the interviews, because I feared that they will ask a complicated question and I won't know what to answer. But now I know that this was totaly unnessasary. I think mock interviews and the evaluation afterwards are a good practise and I really liked the day.

On Tuesday was my Graduation night. Some people have given a speech about subjects. So did I. I spoke about French. We also got some certificates.

On Wednesday we had a Students-Award Day. Students got Awards for Diligence, Best in Class, Sport or whatever. I don't know if I like this idea, cuz not everyone get an award and so somebody could get sad, cuz he thought he would get one. I hoe you get what I mean. ;)

I will also post something about my final trip and about living in Germany again. Hopefully tomorrow. So cu soon guys

Wrecked, BBQ, and Stresed out

Mittwoch, 18.05.2016

Heeya again!

I am posting a second post about the weekend now, cuz I actually did a lot.

After work on friday I went to beavers. (my little scouts, for all who don't know this) Yeah we changed it from Monday to Friday, cuz we had a "sleep-over" with them. Me and Niall, another leader lit the fire, while the kids were playing water games. We had choosen a good week-end to do it. It was quite warm. First we ate ORDERED Pizza. I wrote this in capital letters, cuz at our scouts sleep-overs we either cook the food over the fire or at least in the kitchen. What I wanna say, we kinda make it ourselves. nevertheless it was still very nice. Afterwards we had marshmallow sandwiches. They have a certain name, but I forgot itinnocent. So yeah, you still grill the marshmallow over the fire, but then you put it between two digestive chocolate biscuits. Was nice tho. After they played and injured themselves a bit (only a few scratches ;)) we went inside to watch a the moveie Hotel Transylvania 2. It's a good movie for every age I would say. I think then it was already midnight or later. I remember in Germany we put our beavers into bed at 8 or 9pm.... and then most of them sleep more or less.

My irish beavers were wrecked at this time, so it wasn't a problem to get them into their tents. I think us leaders went to bed at 2 o' clock and we slept until 6:30? not even probably. We had breakfast and played some games with then till the parents arrived.

Back at home I just went to bed for two houres. I showered and got ready for a BBQ-Party with some exchange students. We had a great time and so much food. We did german "Stockbrot" too.

Back hom again I watched the eurovision with my hostfamily. I think everybody knows the result anyway, so I won't say much. I am just happy that Poland got 8 place (I am from Poland originally), cuz Germany only got 11 points. But I said I won't comment much....

On Sunday I ted packing. Well... I am still not finished... to complicated to explain... sry xD

School was really normal. I passed my driving theory test with 39 of 40 points. We had to write one for Road Safety as an exam

. Kill the bacteria first and then put the bread on xD



Work Experience

Mittwoch, 18.05.2016

Finally I found a bit of time to write about my work experience. I'm quite busy, cuz I'm packing my suitcase and have to think all over again, cuz I will have a two days trip with the school next week... Yeah school started as well, but today I have a half-day :)

I did my work experience in Hotel Kilmore in Cavan Town. I worked in the restaurant section. I worked for seven days, we were supposed to work eight, but I've been sick one day.

My usual day looked like this:

I took the bus at 8 o'clock, so I was in for 8:30. It was still breakfast time. So I cleaned off tables, set them or served people their breakfast. Daily I polished the wood. If i didn't have anything to do I polished the cutlery. Lunch time was always busy. I basically was walking the whole time around and taking treys of people, clearing tables and setting them new and serving tea and coffee.

Serving people was actually the nicest part, cuz you get to talk with some. I even met a german couple from Bavaria.

On Thursday I helped at a primary school event. I was serving juice for the kids. They didn't really have maners tbh cuz they nearly run the whole table over...

On Friday the "Roses" were in. This are ladies, who compete in a personality contest and they look very beautiful, but they don't eat much. I almost got full plates back.

Lunch finishes at 3 o'clock. My work always finished at 4. So I always had enough time to eat my dinner and help a bit with the preparing for dinner, which starts at 6.

I've been only allowed to work during school hours, so I don't know what is happening at dinner time, but the staff told me it can be much more busier. Especially on the weekend and Friday, cuz every Friday and Saturday is a wedding on.

All in all I can say I was really tired after work. It was a nice experience to do it and I enjoyed it, but I know that I won't do something like this for my future career, but what I'm considering is to work in a café at weekends in Germany to get a bit of money for my driving license and stuff.



Mayo and Donegal

Sonntag, 08.05.2016

It's time to post something again. I couldn't post anything last week, cuz I was sick :( But now I'm feeling betterlaughing. At the weekend we went to Co. Mayo again. On Saturday we drove to Castlebar, the biggest town in the county. I had to do some shopping for my work experience, which started this week. I only attended two days, cuz I was sick the other. I will write a post about it next week. So yeah I got everything what I needed. Later on I went for a walk with my "hostcousin" Alanagh. We took the dogs in the parc. On Sunday I went to watch the Gaelic Match from Alanagh. Her team won, like nearly almostwink. During the match I had a nice chat with a lady, who was born in Germany and have been living there until 2007. Now she has a great life in Ireland.

On Saturday was our final trip. We went to Donegal. This is in the very north of Ireland. Some people were surfing. I didn't want to get sick again, so I didn't go. I went for a walk with my friend Anne. But we didn't go at the coast, we went  through the algae. It was really funny. We've seen lots of different animals and plants. Later on we tried to get out without going the whole way back. We ended at a beach with a little cave. Afterwards we were wet and a bit freezen so we went for a Hot Chocolate.

Up we go

We didn't want to use the stairs sea stars bit wrecked I

Busy days

Dienstag, 26.04.2016

I never had such an unimaginative caption like this... Ok, maybe I had, but anyway...

On Saturday my hostfamily and I went up to a commemoration in Cavan. It was obviously the commemoration of the 1916 Rising. Lots of different things were on, like  a parade, stands where you could learn something about a new culture, Irish food, Music and much more. Later on speeches were given at the Courthouse by the Minister, soldiers etc. The Proclemation was read out and the flag was raised while everybody was singing the national anthem.

During my stay here I learned that Ireland is a very proud nation and they like to celebrate their success in having events like this. laughing

On Sunday, the actual day of the Rising, so this day, 100 years ago, (to many commasyell) my hostmum and sister and I went for dinner in a restaurant. It was good tho.

On Monday was the Cycle against Suicide Day (CAS). CAS is a group, who cycles around whole Ireland and will visit ten schools to teach us about suicide awareness and deliever the  message: It's ok not to feel ok and it's absolutely ok to ask for help. (slogan)

I have to say it was really good. Of course there were speeches given and affected people told us their stories. Happy Music was played and the whole school was dancing to it. The choir sang and a dance group (including me) danced to a (bit weird) performance to Shake it off by Taylor Swift. We just did it for the craic.

Today was Sports Day and the weather was really irish. Wind followed by sunshine followed by hailstones followed by wind followed by sunshine followed by wind and hailstones...

I the morning we had to do three fun activities:

1.No man's land: a game with to teams. They both stand behind two lines and the space between these two lines (approx 10m) is called No man's land. You have to kick the ball over both lines If it hits the ground behind the line, your team scores a point. If somebody from the other team catches the ball, they will get a point.

2.Tug of War: two teams/ 8 pupils each pull a rope and try to bring the mark in a specific position.

3. Bubble Soccer (my favorite activity on this day) You get into a XXL-Bubble and then you actually play "normal" soccer, but we all just ran against each over and tried to nudge the people on the ground. It was so much fun to see the people falling, but to fall yourself was so funny too. Blathnaid and I couldn`t stop laughing, cuz it was so funny. I was impressed of that for the day xD. Really I would do it just now again. It's so cool.

In the afternoon we had races: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m. We had to decide one week ago what we wanna do. We had to choose between track events as well: Scott Putt, Javelin and High Jump.

I decided to run the 400m. I got the 2nd place out of fourlaughing and so a silver medaille. I also did Scott Putt, you have to throw a 4kg ball as far as possible. I did farely okey and I participated in Javelin, because I always wanted to do it, because I played it on Wii Sports before. xD.

Then we got an introduction how to hold the javelin, I just realised that the javelins are so long. I was really bad in it. Once I also hold the stick the wrong way around. I think it's easier to do it on the Wii. I think it's not my sport xD, but what definitely is, is Bubble Soccer. You see, I'm still fascinated xDwink

You can go onto https://www.facebook.com/Virginia-College-Sport-406590829397957/?fref=ts

to see some pictures. I'm not in them, but there you see how Bubble soccer looks like and a video from Cycle against suicide.

Some pictures from Saturday

  Courthouse Cathedral some stands  




Still here

Donnerstag, 21.04.2016

Omg it is ages ago since my last blog post. Like you can see I decided to write it in english this time. I will probably make some mistakes but I don't really care, cuz you can't learn a language without making mistakes. smileNevertheless I think I still improved my English since I'm here.

Now there are only 36 days left till my departure date. The last three weeks were quite normal. School started again. Because nearly the whole TY  was away for a weekly trip last week, school was really boring, cuz we were only ten people inthe year. So the teachers weren't willing to teach us something.

At the weekend I was on a National Scout meeting in Dublin. There were over 700 scouts and new rules for the Scout Program were discussed. We also could vote for people to get in the actual Council. It was quite interesting to see. I actually don't know if there are meetings like this in Germany.

On Sunday my host family took me to a horse show in Cavan. Mary told me that my host siblings were big into riding when they were younger. So they all like horses. Both days were really nice.

I think that's all what I can say atm. The pictures I took aren't great, so I won't post them...

The capital

Freitag, 01.04.2016

Gestern hat mich meine Gastmutter nach Dublin mitgenommen. Auf dem Weg dorthin sind wir durch den Phoenix Park gefahren. Der ist 500 Hektar groß und in der Nähe befinden sich auch das Haus des Presidenten Michael D. Higgens und der Dublin Zoo. Meine Gastmutter ist dann mit meiner Schwester und ihren Freundinnen auf Abschlussballkleidersuche gegangen, worauf ich mich mit zwei deutschen Austauschschülern getroffen habe.

Da die beiden in Dublin und Umgebung wohnen konnten sie mir die Stadt zeigen. Wir haben uns beim GPO (General Post Office) getroffen. Wer sich an den "Croke Park& Glasnevin- 100th anniversary"-Beitrag errinnert , der weiß, dass dies das Hauptquatier der Irish Volunters und der ICA war. Heute ist es immer noch das größte und wichtigste Postarchiv und Verwaltungsamt. Außerdem befindet sich dort ein Postmuseum.

Dann sind wir ein wenig durch die Stadt gelaufen. Wir sind in einige kuriose Läden reingegangen und haben ein paar Orte besichtigt:

Bevor wir den Fluss Liffey auf der O' Connell Bridge überquert haben, habe ich noch ein Foto von der Ha'penny Bridge gemacht. Die heißt deswegen so, weil man in der Vergangenheit einen halben penny bezahlen musste um drüber zu kommen. Dann sind wir zur Temple Bar gegangen:

Dies ist ein Stadtviertel im Zentrum von Dublin. Es ist ebenso der zentrale Punkt für Dublins Nachtlebens mit  vielen Pubs und Nachtclubs.

St. Stephens Shopping Center: Dies ist ein Shopping Center mit nicht wirklich vielen Läden, dafür aber mit sehr schöner Architektur. Wer wirklich shoppen gehen möchte, dem werden O' Connell Street und das Jervis Shopping Center mehr ansprechen.

St. Stephens Green Park: Das ist ein schöner Park in Dublin mit zahmen Tauben.

Trinity College: Dies ist eine sehr angesehene Universität, wo wirklich nur die Besten hinkommen. Außerdem befindet sich dort das Book of Kells zur Schau ebenso wie eine große Bibliothek.

Am Ende haben wir uns am Spire verabschiedet. Die 123m hohe Skulptur ist die Längste der Welt. Ich habe außerdem noch angefangen ein paar Geschenke zu besorgen. Carroll Irish Gifts ist da die beste Adresse.

Alles in allem war es echt ein super Tag bei nahe zu traumhaften Wetter.

So wie immer noch die Bilder mit Beschreibung:

Phoenix Park GPO Ha'Penny Bridge Temple Bar Liffey St. Stephen's Green Park St. Stephen's Shopping Center Trinity College The Spire




Easter and more

Montag, 28.03.2016

Über die Ostertage sind meine Familie und ich wieder nach Swinford in Co. Mayo gefahren. Am Samstag bin ich darauf mit meinen Eltern ins Turlough House gefahren. Das ist eins der vier "National Museums", die Irland hat. Drei sind in Dublin und das über "Country Life" ist nunmal in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Ich fand das Museum interessant zu sehen und vor allem der dazugehörige Park war wirklich sehr schön. Leider habe ich nicht viele Bilder, weil es wie sehr üblich in Irland, plötzlich ganz stark angefangen hat zu regnen.

Ostern an sich war ein ziemlich normaler Tag. Es gab Lamm und ganz viel Schokolade. Meine Gasteltern haben mir erzählt, dass einige Leute Eier färben und Süßigkeiten verstecken. Aber wie ich gemerkt habe, ist das nicht so ein starker Brauch wie in Deutschland. Trotzdem habe ich Gefallen an den XXL-Schokoeiern gefundenwink

Und zu den Landschaftsbildern: Es sieht dort wirklich überall so schön aus. Wo andere staunen, ist es

für mich eigentlich schon ziemlich normal geworden.innocent Turlough House Library Strohkörbe Brautkleid   Rainbow


Mittwoch, 23.03.2016

Soo, da ich von einigen angesprochen wurde, ob ich nichtmal Fotos von der Umgebung machen könnte, habe ich heute beschloßen rauszugehen und einige zu machen. Außerdem habe ich noch  zwei Fotos in Schuluniform gemacht.

Here we go:

Normal Sommerversion

Hoffentlich versteht ihr jetzt auch, warum Irland immer mit der Farbe grün verbunden wirdwink

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